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    The World-Cultural-Heritage in 2024

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  • Das Weltkulturerbe & Der Kulturschock

    The World-Cultural-Heritage in 2024

  • The World-Cultural-Heritage


Das Weltkulturerbe

The World-Cultural-Heritage

The Dwelling of Islam

The Host invites........

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck

To the

Embassy of the State of Israel

Palestinian General Delegation

August-Beer-Str. 33

53129 Bonn

Saturday, 10 April 2004

Free English translation on 18 August 2021.

Islam and Truth

Easter Letter and Christmas Letter at the same Time * Dec. 2016

Please let that German-language difficult letter be translated into your languages and be handed over to the right places.

Dear Sirs, Dear Clergy, Dear Muslims!

You too will already have been informed that, among other things*, there is a superior Empress who will also use her position of power via TV, howsoever that position may be.

The reason for this position is the imminent end, which has been around the corner for a long time and thus provisions have already been made for a possible new beginning.* The new beginning necessarily and logically includes an unified culture, which also includes the one true religion, because otherwise one cannot speak of an unity of humanity.

For this reason, my person has now acquired the Qur`an in order to be able to understand your religion and your faith as Muslims better and more closely, since every greater and older faith certainly bears at least one truth with it. Now I have read the first pages of the Qur`an; it begins with the 1st Surah followed by the 2nd Surah of the Cow, and so this book is meant to be a guide to law for the God-fearing.

It is not a matter of course for a Christian to equip himself or herself with foreign books and scriptures, as there is always an air of fear associated with such foreign guidance. A Christian will also know that through these foreign scriptures other people are ruled and guided. A Christian will also know what will follow after life for these people as a result and these are good reasons to simply become afraid oneself especially when one can be quite sure of one's faith and roots.

Even when I go to a foreign place of worship, I entered a Greek Orthodox Church in Greece and the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, to me personally a slight shiver is down my spine; even when I attend a Protestant service, I just don't feel quite comfortable. This is what I want to tell you about myself, so that you know who you will be dealing with.

Other people will probably feel the same way as you do as Muslims, Hindus or Buddhists, to whom I admit the same fears. So faith also has to do with a fear which, as many people have already noticed, is very justified.

My first and presumably correct impression of the Qur`an is that the Suras have their origin exclusively in the human mind, which as a Muslim any scholar and educated outsider who has knowledge of human nature can confirm to you. This is unfortunately quite certain and absolutely evident in every single verse of the Qur'an.

So the question naturally arises as to how it was possible for this faith to become so old and so great. That question is now hereby posed. The drafter of the Qur`an, who saw himself as Prophet Mohammed and later emerged more as a ruler and lawgiver, probably had his connection to his ancestors mainly with his deceased mother, just as every other human being also has the connections of his origins.

If a person has gone through strokes of fate with his psyche or soul, then the nerves that are controlled by the psyche or soul break down, just as in the natural ageing process of a person the nerves will break down, but cannot evaporate, but find their build-up at an opposite pole.

This Mohammed was certainly a person who was closely connected to his roots, but who nevertheless possessed the strength for a deliberate construction of an order in order to then establish it. If you take a closer look at his statements, you will notice that they are incantatory words that repeatedly admonish and threaten.

In my view, these verses are partly very, very low and banal statements also characterised by many trifles and details that are listed, but are often rather tartly written  or, as one may say, with a deadly pen. As Muslims, please do not be angry, offended or insulted, but any normal person who is not integrated into this culture can see this quite clearly.

In between, there are always great expressions of praise to God, which are meant to support the truth of the verses. All these verses and thoughts were never given to a prophet as a prophecy by the Creator of us all, because Creation is guaranteed not to deal with such details and thoughts.

It is noticeable that persons listed in the Qur'an are also found as in the Christian message, that is, in the readings and in the Gospels, that is, in the Holy Scriptures. One thing, however, becomes very clear; Christianity, which by means of witnesses proved true miracles by Jesus and thus the true connection, is sustainably and clearly downgraded and included in the Muslim faith, but then at the same time also indirectly attacked again and made untrustworthy.

All the thinking of these verses revolves around a justification and authentication of Muhammad, in that invocations and praise to God are supposed to authenticate the seriousness of these verses and their drafter. One thing is certain, however; the Creator of heaven and earth does not easily communicate with a human being and when He does show Himself, it is always for seconds or, at most, a few minutes.

Since the Creator, as we Christians also know from the traditions, would have wanted contact with Moses and he heard a voice, these incidents were, according to Moses, only very brief, should he really have heard a voice.

However, I would like to list a few verses from the Qur'an here and hereby call on some Christians to deal with the Qur'an, whereby no Christian needs to read all the verses, since a common sense that is not bound up in the thinking of Muslim roots immediately grasps the improper background and it is actually also a certain imposition to have to read something like this.

As Muslims, please do not be offended or saddened, nor is this statement a devaluation of your persons at all; quite the opposite is the case, for you have been able to maintain a religious and cultural order in spite of such guidance, behind which, however, many a religion can hide!

These verses of the Qur´an and the corresponding circumcisions on infants can very much take over and control a person in a psychological way, which as a product could then be the Holy War, which rather leads will-less or high-minded people to kill other people. Again, the product of the Qur'an revolves around a defence and justification of a truth that does not exist.

Nor does this defence allow for any other truth, or rather, your faith does not allow for the truth; it has been circled and subordinated for the believers by the Qur'an, so that normally no Christian would have a way to help you as Muslims in this regard either, although it was and still is the mandate of every Christian.

As an example of these observations, I would like to give you a very few verses that caught my eye when I was leafing through them. From the 2nd Surah, I would like to mention verse 73. Among other things, it says: Woe to those who write the Scripture with their hands and then say this is from God- only to make a lesser profit with it. Woe to them ....usw.

Further, I would like to mention verse 81: Already we had given the Scripture to Moses, and after that we sent the messengers, then we made Jesus, the Son of Mary, manifest miracles, and strengthened him with the Holy Spirit. But whenever a messenger came to you with that which you disliked, you were arrogant, some of them you called false, some of them you killed.

I would also like to mention the 19th Surah, verse 36, as significant for Muhammad's statements. It says: "It is not for God to beget a son. Price him: If he has decided something, he only says: Let it be and it will be.

The 29th Surah, verse 68, reads: Who is more wicked than he who invents falsehood about God or calls the truth false after it has become to him? Is there not in Hell a dwelling place for the unbelievers?

The 61st Surah, verse 14, also clearly shows how anxious Muhammad and others were to place Jesus, the Son of God, in a lesser place in order to exalt themselves as scribes and prophets. Thus, Islam has been strengthened and excelled by the work and healing of Jesus, the Son of God, our Saviour.

Islam was also spread through violence, with Christianity also occupying countries like Latin America and Africa through forced conversions. Only if a faith could become as big and as old as Islam, then something else must be suspected behind it.

It is the roots* of your culture, whereby the outward appearance of the races of peoples is also different than, for example, in Europe, the USA, Asia and Africa, but Turkey lies exactly between the two large cultures, as there are also particularly often Turkish women who are outwardly indistinguishable from a person from the Occident. Apart from that, the colour of the hair, the shape of the eyes, often the shape of the head, the shape of the nose and also the colour of the skin and of course the languages are indicative of a foreign culture.

From this one could conclude that you will be subject to another being, which will coincide with Muhammad's explanations. This is an adversary of the Son of God, whereby our Creator put His Son into the world to leave the Gospel and the readings so that man would have a basis for a belief in God.

Only through the resurrection of an incarnate (a part or son)* of God was and is it possible for human to pass into eternal life after death, as magic and miracles through natural processes are something quite different*.

And when your Mohammed brings the "Immaculate Conception" of Mary, the Mother of God, into the slightly implied reference of whores and says that it does not come to God to beget a son, that is already a presumption of a man who no longer knows who he is. This is immediately followed by another praise that is true, but before that, Muhammad presumes to determine what is God's and what is not.

This single verse alone clearly shows where Muhammad wanted to place himself and how he probably understood and assessed himself. With a clear head, you as Muslims will be able to recognise very clear contradictions of this prophet and will have to conclude from this that you will be subject to a devilish faith, which will probably also be confirmed via TV regarding  paradise. 

Especially if you, as Muslim philosophers and scholars, study the Christian Scriptures, the readings and the Gospels, you will not find any single hypocrisy or repeated affirmations of truth. Exhortations are always well-founded and often put into parables so that everyone can understand the Word of God.

What is particularly striking is the wisdom that still fits into our difficult and advanced times, and this happens inimitably and uniquely, so that such words and wisdom can certainly not come from a human being, this can be proven by every gospel.

In the Qur`an, I could see through Muhammad's explanations that Satan was spoken of in the plural; which means that several adversaries or devils are and will be believed in, whereby my person claims that the most cunning and dangerous adversary is confronted with the Roman Catholic Church, whereby according to my conviction your faith will be a subordinate culture of the adversary, which, however, does not in any way subordinate or devalue you as human beings, but if human beings are bound to an adversary of God, then these human beings, if they have kept to the given laws, are to be valued very highly, since it must be difficult to have to live by these torn between provisions and guidance*.

A Christian who is closer to the "devil" than to God also leads a difficult life, as he too will be torn between his thoughts and will only revolve around destruction and disvafour, which generally erupts in a Muslim when the Holy War is declared.

My person, in particular, has been treated by playing a dirty tick on by all sides, so that my person will probably be shown on TV as Satan in human form, which is not at all true. My person, the Empress, should also be placed in a subordinate position so that the truth and the higher right, which is ultimately at stake, cannot prevail worldwide, since the adversary has long since become overpowering, which hardly anyone has perceived or could perceive.

For this fact, too, there are well-founded letters from my person*, which should be comprehensible to you as philosophers. My person as well as the person of King Juergen and the person of Emperor Diethard are not saints and must not be, so that each of these superior persons has built up a self-protection and a mutual protection has been built up.

In my opinion, a true saint can be recognised by the fact that such a person is not able to strike back for his own sake and for the sake of others. You should know, however, for the past and future, that a person who interferes or enters into sacred connections is in the very highest danger and could be 'nailed' as a deity after death, such as Mohammed, Martin Luther or Queen Elizabeth.

No other deity may be worshipped for a healthy cycle between the Creator of us all and His Son Jesus; there is only the Father and the Son, who form a Trinity through the Holy Spirit, as has always been known in Christianity.

For certain reasons, about seven years ago, my person made his "unattractive resignation" to Christianity, which was final, but the thoughts about what I had done did not leave me, and so my person has continued in the matter, but only through this unattractive resignation. You and others should take note of this so that you do not have my person stoned as Satan should the Empress also have to visit your Arab lands.

Through this resignation my person has become free for other cultures without the Empress endangering (by praying e. g.) the truth. There will probably be shown on TV parallel to my person a Satanic woman composed of several small and large "devil children", but she has very little in common with me; please take serious note of this so that the Empress can carry out the Lord's order in the matter even in foreign countries before it will no longer be possible.

Through very severe psychosis, my person probably has knowledge that goes far beyond life. According to my person's knowledge, there are different abodes of the "dead" souls, just as there are different races. For all the abodes of the races my person has no clues, for example, for the Mexicans and Eskimos.

From this last paragraph you might gather what connection my person has and what has happened to my nerves! 

Notice:** According to the Book of Holy Scripture of the Roman Catholic Church comes nothing at all for quite a while, and again nothing at all, and only then come the writings of my person only for our time, which will all be destroyed later and must disappear from the face of the earth.


According to Christianity, Satan has been identified as male. In contrast to Islam, where the devil is identified as female, my person suspects that the natural and intended adversary is male, but judging by the cunning and slyness it will probably be a mixture of a female and a "feline male* half-animal-half-human.

P. p. Empress,  Saturday, 15 May 2004

___________________________Notice:** At this point my person must make a correction, because all the works of Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI contain the expert and theological philosophical basis of Christianity for an enabled future, starting from the truth through the existence of God and Creation.____________09 June 2023.

For the Arab countries, Mr. S. Hussein+ (Doubles)* is called into charge under the leadership of King Juergen. Please see that he is informed to avoid a "Holy War".

German-language document reviewed and amended

on 18 August 2021.

Notice:  God has bound many of His peoples by the oriental civilization.

*25 January 2022.

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