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Animal Love

Ursula Empress. Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck

To the


Health Inspectorate



Luebeck, 30 April 2002

Free English translation on 13 August 2021.

Animal Release/ CC Worldwide / Please let that German-language document be translated into all languages! **2018 /The German-language document you  may find here!

Possibly it varies from case to case and is safest for the circle of life that by the Monumental-Area "pets" should be removed, as the sad suspicion of a "soul-relationship" can now no longer be ruled out! (Reincarnation)


Dear Citizens of Luebeck, Dear Veterinarians,

Dear Pet-shop Dealers,

Surely you will have been informed of the existence of your Empress and will have understood that unconditional obedience is to be rendered. This applies to everyone, even your Empress cannot simply go overboard and must always make the right decisions for herself.

You will soon find that all letters from your Empress are confirmed and you are thus on the safe side.

However, should you think that you don't have to obey in spite of everything because you are something very special, then you will get to know your Empress's temperament through her Cudgel; then you will finally know who is special!

You will gradually have to hand over all your dogs and cats to the health inspectorate, if possible through the veterinary profession, or if necessary, visit a shelter with the animal in the evening hours.

If children are affected, which will probably be very often, please provide compensation such as a bird with a cage, a hamster or a guinea pig, even if the child will be very reluctant at first.

Similarly, for old people who cannot part with their pet, please prescribe a bird with a nice cage and food.

In very extreme cases, where the child would decide to step out of life, by this very urgent inevitable command, you will please take a lot of time and attention for the child and should perhaps consider the thought of a sibling, if the relationship is still right.

Likewise for old lonely people who would end their lives by this command, a family member or a friendly relationship must be provided for by a human being. In very extreme cases, the animal may still occupy the house, but may not leave during the day. **

From 10 p.m. until 5 a.m. in the morning, when all the children are in bed, you may walk your pet, but only with a rubbish bag, hand brush and dustpan. If you do not keep to the times and take advantage of the generosity of this opportunity, then the animal will be taken away immediately by the health inspectorate!

It is not only you and your love of animals, there are also people, especially small children, who have great difficulties with such a love of animals, as some children still grow up normally.

Everyone who keeps a monkey, a snake, spiders, cats of prey, mice, reptiles and similar animals at home must know that these animals also have to leave the house at times.

Cats should be seized and picked up by the health inspectorate. There are also exceptional cases here, but then the cat owners should be registered by the authorities so that the increase can also be monitored and contained.

If the pet food industry continues to run at full speed with regard to dog and cat food, then the people who want to continue this nonsense will have to be supplied with it.

In other words; those will not receive food for a while, but only dog food or cat food. Please shift the entire pet food industry to clean-up duty.

Those who still communicate with an animal for a longer time should actually be consistent and not only share their friendship and home with the animal, then they should also share the food with the animal. It contains enough proteins and trace elements, but if one day you should hear barking or meowing, then please go to a pet shop and get proper advice.

The veterinary profession has already been informed and alerted in writing, and this measure, which is harsh for many people, is also justified by that letter.

You are not to be annoyed, punished or oppressed, nor is your life to become even more boring than it already is, however, it is no longer you as so-called animal lovers who determine where it`s at and where the way is full of shit and where not.

Rabbits and hares might also be suitable as a substitute, but these animals can only be kept outside in a hutch and you should know that these animals cannot retract their claws. Ornamental fish could also be allowed as an alternative; likewise, there is nothing wrong with a horse if it remains exclusively connected to nature and is not kept in a reluctant establishment.

Whoever identifies with an animal in the future and behaves in such a way, will then also be treated in the same way; then it's a case of: Off, Down, Sit and Out!

Your Empress herself has had to live under the same roof with a dog, but she has always known how humans should treat animals. Please inform all pet shops and the entire pet food industry according to this requirement. Pet food should only be available in pet shops, so all food chains are urgently requested to hand over their entire pet food assortment to the pet shops.

You have to reckon with the fact that at a later date this kind of animal will have disappeared all of a sudden, because what started so harmlessly years ago with Lassi and Fuhry is now to end with best friend Charlie and with Commissioner Rex.

Mrs. Goe..., Zoo - Goe..... (no longer current) in Luebeck should be put in charge of all zoo shops in Schleswig-Holstein in cooperation with the veterinary profession for this inevitable measure.

P. p. Empress

2018** Possibly it varies from case to case and is safest for the circle of life that the Monumental-Area should remove the "pets", as the sad suspicion of a "soul-relationship" can now no longer be ruled out! (Reincarnation)

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