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Ursula Sabisch, Empress, 23564 Luebeck 

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Sat-Radio Stations

Worldwide CC

Germany, Luebeck, Saturday, October 04, 2003

Gourmet Addiction

Free translation

Please, let that German writing be translated quite exactly in all languages worldwide or open the enclosed file with the German language text and be handed it over to the right places, if it is available.*


My Dear End Users,

From conviction and out of pity I write you this letter again yet but please let this writing be handed over to your nearest Roman Catholic rectory, either via e-Mail, via fax or by letter post.

For days and years I indirectly occupy not always voluntarily with the circuit of life and the resultant natural laws from it.

Today I would like to address the end user again, which is spurred by all sides for activity.

However, especially you as the medium TV and the radio stations, so also the journal industry and Internet have formed clearly this kind of consumption, since in part the existence of the media became dependent on the advertising campaigns, too.

Mainly people who are born in this times do not know other life anymore; no other base of life and anybody knows another life philosophy only this from nowadays, what says, that life is to be enjoyed to the full and it is to be enjoyed as far as possible.

This life philosophy bears already two generations and also has continuously captured the older and old people with it.

Of course, the person may be allowed to be pleased and more in life; of course a human life should be made possible for everybody from the beginning until the end of life, just unfortunately the naturalness of life is confused in this connection very fast with unnaturalness and not only these items.

Now one basically cannot make responsible a correspondingly person who was born and formed for it in this time, if this people would like to exhaust and enjoy life to the full.

The young person is offered all available possibilities already before the one enters professional life.

The banks cannot let slip the credit business through the fingers and take also young people into financial dependence for a long time.

It is claimed the young people that every one might be responsible for his own luck and so one should turn something at the success, however, how one should turn next to it that unfortunately nobody will tell them anymore.

Of course a young person can also be taken very fast into a credit pit, because everybody will arrange life correspondingly to hold the wished standard and in order not to get into the offside.

The young person has the advantage for many businessmen that the young person is malleable and may not set up high salary requirements like a man who has made his mark, so that a correspondingly young person receives a guided tour position more easily than an age-based* suitable person, because a young person is more profitable for a company also from social political and financial reasons.

The cause that older people let a young person into a power position also can be that the older and old people can gain the life philosophy of younger generations.

I would like e. g. to state the status of a doctor here,*/organ transplantation also from a dead person/ surgeries at old extension of life for every price/ drugs/* because a life without any true basic principles and without any reasonable sense is to be existed considerably more pleasantly, so that one can concentrate to the sense enjoying age and to lengthen life as long as only possible by every means and ways without any respect of the circuit of life and death.

If one thinks about that sense of life with that lifestyle, one may say that people are to silly to live and to clever to die.

Nobody, no grown-up one stops these pleasure waves and let concede every kook via Media.

Müller Milk and Müller yogurt are to be mentioned as good advertising examples of the level of modern time and life philosophy.

Nobody asks anymore what these Müller Milk products should have to do with fun.

Too, no person asks, which group of persons thereby should come under a kind of pleasure-addiction.

What for anybody needs Müller Milk products to be able to have fun?

For what purpose, you sick creatures, you?!

Too, IGLO shows with a double meaning how one eats nowadays, indeed with crack vegetable, isn’t it right?

If a dog must on the dentist chair no doubt, did one has not made a fatal mistake for instance in nutrition?

Nowadays one should be sending a pudding by UPS and also declare via telephone love greetings by it or one should send by SMS a photo from a part of the body to request best wishes.

Too, the cookery art studios increase with their creative recipes, which let become an electro mixer indispensable for nearly every dish.

At first you and people like you should start learning to prepare roasting potatoes with onions, eggs and bacon to put it on the table and then you and people like you may try something other.

However, this point of view requires that you are able to buy potatoes, which also taste exclusively like potatoes; even that apparently is no more possible for many people.

Now you and people like you send of at first young people and even hide behind the children, however unfortunately those ones often have more intelligence than an old human being but they do not have knowledge of life and wisdom.

So you may not be able to take them into responsibility.

If in such a way it would go on in this kind and manner, one would anymore be able to move the children for the responsibility in adult age afterwards, what to a part already might well be so nowadays!

*For a long time many people exist far beyoung their means and all people join with it now.

Now roofs will equipped with copper; as an example I would like to mention that „ Von Morgen Straße /

From Morning Street " in my hometown  Luebeck, farther the bathrooms and hotel installations are equipped with beaten gold, aluminium bikes are sold in masses, and precious stones are offered for the special rates.

There are already favourably trips also in the summer sale in an offered manner.

For almost every product are a special discount and many great competitions there.

The best wines are imported and luxury hotel complexes arise like mushrooms from the ground worldwide.

At the Hotels there are entertainer, doctors, masseurs, hairdressers, sport teachers and cosmeticians volunteer for every kind of pleasure.

The palatal joy however long live high, you sick nuts, you!

At the same time people have to die for years and days, because it is claimed that alleged there are not enough foodstuffs for the whole mankind.

You let build luxury liners with a cookery studio, with fitness rooms, with several bars, several amusement halls, several swimming pools, several movie theater rooms, several saunas, several restaurants with five-course meals including the service like for a King and farther the luxury cabins are imitated with shine and mica.

You let build this kind of luxury ships because the wish of moving away can be combined with other pleasures, you miserable creatures you!

Have you got really only the pleasure and consumption in your mind and accepted as your life fulfilment ?

You should check yourself from time to time whether an addiction to luxury and a request for the luxury class has already crept in your mind. 

Now it is only a question of time when the next kooks will open the market to construct a plane with a swimming pool and a sauna to fulfill your whishes in the sky.

Here on earth nobody notices something anymore!

Some of you nevertheless will wonder now as my person can write such letters; what a strange letter style of a woman?

Yes, a strange letter in a very strange time what wants to make from you and others very strange and questionable creatures!

An important profession that is also included in this strange letter had people as strange and questionable creatures basically disused for a long time.

A true Clergyman is meant with it.*

Too, one must be able to recognize that this described profession must be brought into a connection with the using and enjoying of life, because on the one hand a Clergyman want to have a woman and on the other hand  he is the opinion e. g. to be able to bless a human being when he pretended to be in a special relationship and combination to God* as a Protestant.

Or does he the opinion be doing that by the licensing!?

Too, here at this decisive point the pleasure and the consumption at the expense of an other One is taken importantly again and precisely from this origin the mentioned life philosophy is quite transparently; priority it is the Protestantism with all its junctions, which are supported and spread out especially in the USA and Great Britain and joined all States.

This addiction to enjoy and to use leads to a destination.

According to the knowledge of my person will and has this destination already overran every limit values and is going to bring also the true Clergymen to the infinity at the end of their lives by what they are not guiltless themselves.

The infinity is indispensable for life on earth and it is the requirement for life....

Many people, especially a Roman Catholic, have been made responsibly for the statement* and for much more and not only the Emperor couple has.

What this paraphrased statement can also mean for every creature on earth that please, let you explain from the Clergymen and the mundane dignitaries, you twisted burned off end users, you!

Please, take the opportunity by this letter to ask directly, weather the true Clergies still are to good making their hands dirty on you and people like you, as well as in every other level!

These letter does not contain any untrue statement from the view of my person and therefore with safety no insult. If somebody would be allowed to be offended, then nevertheless most of all is it my person! 

Homework: What possibilities do you have with this funny but also true letter behind your microphone, except to delete or to manipulate it?

What possibilities do you have behind your sender to change something of the level of our time?

Would you feel cheated as a young person, if life without any limit values will be stopped by Empress?

As a young person what do you think about it, if it would be existed a true King, a true Emperor and of course an unpredictable true Empress?

The Empress is standing alone opposite the whole worldwide kindergarten for a long time. What do you think about her; will she hit back correspondingly or else will she say: “The kindergarten did not know what it has done”?

What do you think about the medium you work? What do you offer and what do the listener and TV viewer get back and what get lost except the money for the basic rate?

What about you?

What gets lost or what fritter away through the entertainment for mankind?

How does the mankind can get back lost time in a great style, if one takes the factor time, mass media, flow of information, cable channels and sat- stations to be able to secure every creatures?

The Empress has to take away the power position of the media worldwide. Do you finally know how it will work?

Do you know any reasons of the taken measures?

On behalf of U. Sabisch


Luebeck, 2010, April 27th.*
The writing above was re-worked for a better understanding. 2017,  November 5th.

This above writing is now aged some years and many people of you as E-Mail receivers are already born into this psychologically controlled time.
Some of you are trained and can reach very easily the psyche of the spectators, of the listeners or of the readers by the media.

Nevertheless I am the opinion that it is non-honest earned money by a great deal of annoyance of the psyche or influence of other persons and by reasons that is fact, you are standing as the big medium/ Internet/ TV/ broadcast/ journals/ in duty, when from partially large, demonstrated nonsense a great sense would be able to result for all together.

If nowadays a Clergyman or a teacher makes his hands on people dirty by slaps, he will be prosecuted immediately, because nothing more runs at all without the use of psychology!

However if anybody is there, no authority or institution anymore that the norm of entire existences can protect and also protect life by a natural form of upbringing, what in the final analysis makes free, while the human being learns to recognize and hold the boundary values, then something new immortal comes up to mankind, something without any limit values , then also helps no psychology anymore!!

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