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Forbes List 2016/ 2017




                        Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany




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To the family of the Billionaires of the Forbes List     

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the Billionaires of the Forbes List,

Particularly for you and your equals it is topmost time to move your fat or crook bottom, while you please will immediately fair split the accumulated capital or material wealth, on which you and your equals are sitting and blocking as the called administrators of the money.


You should not displace or convert the accumulated wealth, but you are intended to create and to accompany specific projects, which you will fix on voluntary base presently.


The direction, nevertheless, in which it will go thus or also differently is predetermined by my person, what means that you have to set the course for an uniform, worldwide CULTURE!

With certainty mainly every one of your category will have to give account for the management of the money, for the success and for the functionality of the financed projects, however, this does not happen by a civil court on earth; about that you and your equals can be sure!


My person does hope that you and your equals are still able to know a begging letter from a worldwide arrangement.


Also my person may be assumed that some of you will be able to know a morbidly well-intentioned idea from a serious basis decree, what does not seem to be taken for granted long ago anymore!

Whether you and every other smaller millionaire may be stay in the villas or castles, is still in the balance.


Of the basis of the performances of my person I should allow to chase you and everybody out of the villas and castles, so that you and your equals can recognise an honestly performed service and to come to appreciate such a performance!


Theses mentioned performances consist both connecting with the human being and the end after life but also a more artificial item(s) by my mind. That goes already by different cultures. In that matter citizens should to bear witness in that matter but they like to suppress that event.


You may find the guide in the matter and commission in my various homepages. Now the announced, common motto is for everybody: Attack is the best defence!


Outsider`s view:

 Question: Who/ what is the opponent/invader/?


Answer: Both, a nature of a natural known opponent (devil(s)) by the human being, what is the will of providence and we should be able to use for the governance.

The next is a type of plastic high-tech, which is not the will of providence but it is surely known of it.


The other sorts from outside are probably mutually and in this way the will of providence.


I remain, yours sincerely

 Ursula Sabisch

Willkommen-Welcome! (imperialis.eu)


HP. : The true wealth or treasure of the humanity has been spread quite differently, so that nobody can be excluded from it, no matter, how the matter and the commission of our all Lord and Creator* will be ended!

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