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  • Das Weltkulturerbe & Der Kulturschock

    The World-Cultural-Heritage in 2024

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Das Weltkulturerbe

The World-Cultural-Heritage


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Ursula Kaiserin, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the


Germany, Luebeck, 23 May 2002

Free English translation on 18 August 2021.

Information Letter of your Empress/ CC

Please, let the German-language writing be translated quite exactly into your native language.

Dear Ambassadors, Dear Indians,

You or a part of your population will certainly soon have been informed of the existence of the Empress, who is actually also obliged to visit your country.

Not only you, as a Hindu, are justifiably afraid of the foreign man, but your Empress also has great distrust of foreign approaches, which can drag people into the abyss. Surely you will already have understood that your Empress is not a saint; however, she is also not an enlightened one sent by God, so to speak, because my person does not get directly involved in such holy things. 

Likewise, my person does not have to work off a debt or anything else along those lines, but only to render obedience. Your Empress is demonstrably destined to take care of matters which the Lord and Creator over all and everything has commissioned to all responsible people, what happened under very grave circumstances through my person.

My person is not alone either, there are demonstrably also the born King as well as the born Emperor, who were also named and appointed.

Through severe psychoses, which are mainly caused by a thin nervous system and penetrate into the disturbed soul life of a person, these disturbances* can pull the person into a different reality-related view, whereby the person thus distances himself or herself more and more from the daily routine, then comes into a superior connection, which leads the person into error and through such connections your Empress has come through.

Such connections are not to be trifled with, especially when a connection has been created through "them" that has been able to stabilise, and that is exactly what has happened with your Empress. This connection is something very rare, but it is meant for all people all over the world.

Your Empress has already thought about your culture and your faith and has informed herself a little about your philosophy. We agree that there can only be one God who rules over heaven and earth and also directs the destinies. We also agree that man must be held accountable for a wrong done and should man not serve this on earth, then after his life on earth*.

We no longer agree that one must accept a fate or an action as given and inevitable, and thus take upon oneself a punishment that leads to rebirth after death in a life that has already been lived.* This is a very great error in which you find yourselves as Hindus.* In your teaching my person could not read anything about an adversary of God, but only about a just punishment of God which can relegate you as a human being or make you come back into an animal.

Your Empress claims that every great and ancient faith contains at least one truth, also your Empress has respect for people who not only pretend to have a faith but also live and practise it. However, there can be only one God in eternity and no other gods, since God, the Lord and Creator alone is the Creation from the sun to distant planets in the universe.

The human is made to be able to do good and evil. He was created in such a way that he can distinguish between good and evil, an animal cannot. Man was given a mind so that he can recognise and obey laws that God gave us humans and also connected us through His Son.

God not only gave human the Ten Commandments, he sent apostles and prophets, and so he founded his Church, choosing the Roman Catholic Church, and through the evangelists the Good News and the readings were recorded through the Holy Scriptures, so that human was given guidelines in his hand, so that he could recognise that there is also another power that is strong and that can dominate humans.

It is evil that can approach every human being, so that man is thereby at the mercy of temptations and he can also be lost if he has no true faith, no support and no protection. This evil and foreign to God, yet known from God, has a name in Christianity; it is the Incarnate or more commonly known as the Devil, who can possess people and bring them under control.

For this reason it is very important for you as Hindus to know and understand that the human can always decide for himself or herself and must always decide for himself or herself, for what he does or what he refrains from doing. It is up to human himself/ herself to be able to make a right out of a wrong and a wrong out of a right. Every human being has his destiny, but must also cope with daily events and actions through his intellect, his strength and also through his faith.

It is not right to simply say to oneself, oh, this is God's will, I have to bear and endure my destiny, that is, my karma, without standing up against a wrong that one can recognise or that is happening to oneself. The injustice does not come from God, because God knows no sins, he is free from guilt.

It is not the human who has to take off his shoes because he does not want to let dirt into his house, only God alone cannot take dirt and sin and let it get to him, so there is a very big difference between a human and our Lord and Creator. His only begotten Son was also free from sin and guilt, so that this foundation is confirmed as a Trinity consisting of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

We agree again that sin exists, but sin can only be taken away through true spirituality, which the Lord alone has established and ordained, so that a human is again free from guilt and has a good connection through the protection of God. If human is not protected and not* free from a serious guilt, then the devil has seized power through evil over human and can then also draw him to himself, even for eternity.

Here, too, we agree that there is a justified fear for the life of the soul, because human is punished and punished for his sins after his life. Thus, even after life, there must be three ways assigned to human, as taught by Christianity. In Christianity there is eternal life, which is actually the meaning of life, but only a few people really believe in it.

Furthermore, there is the so-called purgatory, where the guilty person must atone for his sins in order to either get from this place to eternal life or to the so-called hell, where the devil is up to his mischief and from there there is no escape.

At the end of his life, human is given the opportunity, if not on earth then in purgatory, to atone for his guilt and can only pass into eternal life if God can enter into an union with him. That is how serious life and the cycle of life really is, and you as Hindus actually know it too, only you have completely wrong ideas about God, our Lord, who does not tolerate any foreign gods beside Him, so also no sub-gods or people who want to bear names of gods.

He is a just God who will come into the world to judge and perhaps to remain. It is precisely for this reason that your Empress, among others, has been charged with paving the way and giving the mandate to all responsible people.

Also, some will now understand why such a person as your Empress could not be a man, nor could it be a true clergyman, but had to be a woman and mother bound to a man. Your Empress actually does not understand that you of all people, as Hindus, have abortions, to a very considerable extent, although you are people who have a faith and who must have dealt with punishments.

It is due, as my person has been able to inform, to overpopulation and the desire to have a son for old age provision and for security at the end of life, who can then also continue the family as head. As proven by your Empress, a girl can also be valuable and has to take her place.

No one, only the Lord and Creator determines all alone whether you will have a girl or a boy, it is not your decision or the decision of a doctor, it is an inviolable destiny of Creation that guides all destinies.

Here we disagree, because this fate, destiny or karma of having to carry an unwanted child is in every case without exception inevitable and to be accepted or accepted as given or seen as a present, and so this crime or  abortion will be punished with a very great harshness and severity, because human must not place himself above God and must never interfere and meddle with such laws of nature, as through stem cell research and genetic manipulations in the genome likewise.

You too will know that you will come under obligation by having to bring your children and grandchildren into the right doctrine and right church. You too will then be secured, also through the union of your children, who must later be received through baptism as children of God. You too, like all other people from all countries, have certainly fallen into God's grace to render obedience.

You will know your protection confirmed by the Cudgel of your Empress in due course, so that you can later go through an unique fairy tale together with all the people of the world and move on to an unified culture and normal life. This requires an enormous effort and a great deal of strength to bring about a quite enormous change in the culture of your overpopulated country, which is afraid of the foreign hand.

Your Empress has wondered why you, as a male Hindu, still often wear a turban; perhaps because you should be seized by a hand that is the wrong hand. For this reason, you should gratefully accept your Empress's offer if my person would like to visit your country quite informally in order to become more familiar with your culture, as it is very difficult to explore culture and faith from afar via TV or the Internet*.

About the cycle of the whole life, your Empress has given a handwritten letter which indirectly reaches into abortion and stem cell manipulation.

Only very few people are allowed to have knowledge of this letter, only later, when everything should be done and settled, then some people should have the right to know what you have gotten yourselves into, so that no indelible mistakes can creep in.

Now you have received a rather voluminous letter which you will please have to deliver to the people. Please divide the letter according to the level of difficulty and importance and give reading material to the people. There are also more different letters ready for everyone and some will be added.

Also, the school desk should be used especially for the parents of toddlers and children. You should explore how it is with mentally ill people of your origin and find out whether the rather vague assumption your Empress made from her psychoses regarding your whereabouts after life is confirmed and also whether the hidden statement of this letter is true.

P. p. Empress

July 2010* These and comparable thoughts should have been on every Christian's mind about other people, even people from their own ranks, especially when visiting a foreign culture.

It cannot be entirely ruled out that the foreign hand .................... is unique................because no mother loses, especially through an abortion, the only connection to the immature and aborted child..........................and that is fate.............!

German-language document reviewed on 18 August 2021.

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