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  • Das Weltkulturerbe & Der Kulturschock

    The World-Cultural-Heritage in 2024

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Das Weltkulturerbe

The World-Cultural-Heritage


Ursula Empress

To the

Pharmacies and Doctors' Surgeries

CC To the Population


Please let that German-language document be translated into many languages and be handed over to the right people. The free English translation you may find here!

Luebeck, Thursday, November 28, 2002

Free English translation on 14 August 2021.


My Dear Fellow Human Beings!

Now you too will be informed of the existence of your Empress, who herewith submits to you a very clear regulation.

This regulation deals mainly with the unborn life, which should be given to you in writing in the form of information material* via pharmacies and doctors' surgeries.

Yesterday, an operation on a newborn baby was shown on TV, which revealed a very severe head deformity.

It was quite horrible to watch a beautiful young mother at the cot looking at her daughter, who was certainly meant to be a particularly pretty child and must have stopped in development during pregnancy, among other things.

Who was responsible for such a great misfortune, who wanted such a thing?

It is clear to your Empress that there can be almost nothing worse for a woman than to give birth to a deformed child; these moments that run through a woman are indescribably frightening.

Questions arise and an answer is needed that must be true and not a cheap excuse for a woman and mother who has taken on and abandoned life.

Your Empress has all kinds of unusual knowledge, but it must not be made available to everyone, only certain target groups may be informed; some gynaecologists and obstetricians will be included in this knowledge, others will have to close their practices.

The gynaecologist will remain the interlocutor for women suffering from "childlessness" to put an end to this suffering.

Artificial insemination or similar unnatural inseminations are prohibited and will be punished.

There is only one solution and that is the adoption of a newborn baby that has just seen the light of day.

On the one hand, humanity is messing around with genetic material, on the other hand, thousands of lives are aborted every day and this must stop immediately; immediately there is an end to the game of "life or death" and also to playing in uncertain spheres.

Mothers who have a pregnant daughter aged 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 will have to take the child to a gynaecologist and he will have to have a serious talk with the responsible mother*.

The pregnant child now has to risk her life by violating the parents' duty of supervision, because the unborn life has a superior** right to life and thus priority in every situation; no contradiction or discussion may arise regarding this fact.

You will now educate the children about the fact that with sexual intercourse their own life can also be threatened and that there will not and cannot be any pardon, so that children must be very specially protected and secured against sex tourism and rape; this also applies to many a child in an ill family life.

As a woman and mother as well as a responsible teacher, you will have to make your and other children aware of this rule.

Please make the parents aware of the rules, especially the mothers who often want to reflect themselves through their daughter and forget that their child has a personality of its own and has to answer for something for which it is actually not responsible.

The Youth Welfare Office in cooperation with the true clergy, which is yet to emerge,** is also mandated worldwide to release children for adoption in cases of clear violation and disregard** of the duty of supervision, because there will be real parents for these affected children, who will also be meant for each individual child.

However, siblings must always stay together; this principle must be adopted by the youth welfare office.

Returning to the pharmacies with the unimagined possibilities, my Fellow Men, the Cudgel of your Empress now comes upon some females as follows:

Should a diseased woman have dared to secretly administer medicines to a pregnant woman in any form, so that the pregnant woman will lose the child, will have it aborted because of a deformity or will give birth to it ill, your Empress will have these women dealt with separately, since such people normally have no business on God's earth and also elsewhere and only a special stay would be possible.

This also applies to women who, as confidants in the run-up to a planned pregnancy, have administered drugs to the parents-to-be).

People who have faith would have to know that this kind of person described must be lost.

The Cudgel of your Empress will strike so hard in this way that the pain must be permanent in some movements.

However, the Cudgel will strike again until the she-devil will put her paws on the table so that the Cudgel will strike those paws.

Such females will be marked for some time and may have to pack their bags to relocate to another area where they will be allowed to establish a new existence.

Please inform the population so that these females will get their paws on the table in time, otherwise they might be beaten to death.

It would actually only be right and proper if these kinds of people were tied up in the same way and proceeded in the same way as described.

However, this is how it is done with diseased gynaecologists and obstetricians who wanted to get their hands on the genetic material of a woman and mother.

Similarly, your Empress will have to proceed worldwide with people who put unnatural substances into the food chain or also consciously influence the oxygen chain accordingly, as can also happen through X-rays in aeroplanes or through released atom.

It is not for nothing that an unborn life is secreted in an amniotic sac, so that a woman cannot be careful enough to protect her genetic material, also for example by contact of a bleached tampon or by panty liners and many disinfectants; not to forget the tools of a gynaecologist.

A gynaecologist has to check this duty of care in every respect himself in case of an unavoidable sterile examination and must not hand over this duty to his medical assistants, as many people have inwardly moved too far away from right and wrong and many people have realised that the safe side has become the "black diabolic" side.

Since the game of life and death is over, human must now accept every life that has come into being, but may accordingly hope in real terms for a miracle.

P. p. Empress

** 2018 Ultimately, of course, only the Cudgel decides what happens to this and that human being, but a default for the worst-case scenario is made by this regulation!

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