• Das Weltkulturerbe & Der Kulturschock

    The World-Cultural-Heritage in 2024

  • Das Weltkulturerbe 2024

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  • Das Weltkulturerbe & Der Kulturschock

    The World-Cultural-Heritage in 2024

Das Weltkulturerbe

The World-Cultural-Heritage

Latin America

Ursula Kaiserin, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the

Embassy of Mexico

Klingelhöferstr. 3

10785 Berlin

Germany, Luebeck, 7 May 2002

Free English translation on 16 August 2021.

Please, let the German-language letter be translated in many languages and be handed over to the corresponding places.

CC/ To all Latin American Countries

Dear Mexicans, Dear Latin Americans!

Your country, too, will soon hear of the existence of your Authorities and will be particularly aware of your Empress. Therefore, you should now be informed herewith directly about how and also why something will change for everyone all over the world.

Many letters have already been presented which contain explanations, instructions, orders and assistance and show the way in the matter and commission of the Lord.

It is now the task of many people, and not only the task of your Empress, to study the culture of foreign countries in order to find and make regulations that can be implemented.

Your culture and origin, like every other older culture and religion, also contains at least one truth.

This letter is not intended to be a letter for philosophers, but your Empress would like to inform you that my person bears out her work for our Lord and Creator, who is above all and above everything.

From this it also follows that an end is imminent for perhaps a new beginning.

You should know that ultimately there can only be one Lord and Creator and everything emanates from Him alone, for there is also only one sun and thus there can also only be one system in the entire universe through the interaction of heaven and earth.

This fact now logically demands, at the end of time, an unified culture and therefore an unified religion through which man can be connected with God, our Lord, since your Empress is now directly connected, among many witnesses, with a not altogether insignificant "miracle".

You, as Mexicans, live quite closely with death, soothing the natural fear of dying by visiting the cemetery every year to the deceased.

Nor do you plan ahead for a long future, as your Empress could read, since your ancestors calculated that an end to the world would one day arrive anyway, so your behaviour is quite strongly rooted in your subconscious by your ancestors after all.

For this, however, your Empress must explain to you that it is only very daring to exist in the hereafter if the world on which all descendants live would no longer exist.

It is also only very daring to believe that in a world without an unity and a proper order in which our Lord and God should be able to exist, there should be an order in the hereafter.

The reality looks rather as if the adversary of our Lord and Creator is keeping the whole world on the run.

Since your Empress is a German and a Roman Catholic, as are the King and the Emperor, the uniform structure of the common culture has thus already been determined and is roughly in the history of the fifties and sixties, namely in the infancy of your Authorities.

It will not be an easy undertaking to reconcile all the people from this advanced stage at the beginning of the third millennium, so that it will not be possible without God's help.

What the tool of your Empress looks like and which tool it is mainly, you will have to find out from further letters.

In this letter, your Empress must first explain to you the most important rules of conduct so that it is possible to implement them in reality.

Many people of your origin and culture, including many countries bordering your country, pray to and speak with a dead person.

This veneration of the dead is a not entirely harmless matter for you, but also for the souls who do not belong to the living and also do not live among them.

It is quite wrong to worship or make contact with someone who no longer exists. It is the same with the worship of foreign gods or of saints.

In particular, Your Lady of Guadalupe is also meant by this and must not be worshipped for much longer.

Only our Lord Jesus, our only God, was born into the world for us through the Lord and Creator to redeem us through His own death, which was followed by a resurrection among witnesses.

He is the only key for all mankind to cross over after death into the following life, which means that only through God our Lord there is and must be a connection and not through saints or through our ancestors.

It means for every human being in principle that you may pray for a dead person and thus for the soul of another person, but in no case and under no circumstances may you worship or pray to and speak to a dead person yourself.

By doing so, you then possibly put such a soul in quite the wrong light!

It will be difficult for many people of foreign cultures to have to detach themselves from these roots, which come from their cultures and thus through their ancestors, but the First and probably decisive Commandment is:

          "You shall have no foreign gods beside me!"

Your Empress has already made arrangements in this regard to help you break away from these roots, which certainly does not mean that you will break away from your family.

Please inform yourselves about how the Ten Commandments came about and what significance they have.

Please also inform yourselves through school visits about what has been determined for all human beings so that a future on earth and a far higher eternal future is secured.

It is certainly also not insignificant to realise that we all also use films, records, cassettes or tape recordings of people who have already died.

One thus hears some beautiful hits sung by the already dead and perhaps sings and dances merrily along.

Nevertheless, your Empress is quite sure that a prayer or a conversation with a dead person, be it a saint, a family member or even an animal or whoever, is out of place and can only be justified by people's ignorance.

Only Mary, the Mother of God, is the supreme patroness and without exception a prayer is assigned to her as a saint, the "Hail Mary", so that one may also still ask for protection for another person through Mary, especially by praying the rosary.

There is a big difference between asking for protection for someone through a saint and praying to a saint, protection always being an exception.

It is not possible for a saint himself** to give help; only God, our Father, can do that without any exception, and no one else can.

There is also a fixed prayer for our Lord, "The Lord's Prayer" and may be prayed by all people.

Likewise, in your country it is customary for Roman Catholic clergy to have a wife; often it is the clergyman's housekeeper.

Here, too, your Empress will have to crack down with a rigour and severity and put an end to this practice.

Very few of the clergy in your country are likely to be true clergymen, but they are rather very simple people.

Thus, many Latin American countries have a real problem, although a recent letter exists in this regard and is valid for every country.

Also your religious rituals and the big fiestas with fireworks, your pilgrimages with Stations of the Cross and your apostle figures as well as the talismans and the figures of saints will soon have to be put to an end.

Likewise, you must not sprinkle each other with holy water or cross yourselves several times for fear of evil spirits.

Your infants and children will have to be shown and taught how to pray by some suitable Christians, who do exist, in order to secure the children through the true teaching, so that you too, as those responsible for the children, can receive the needed protection indirectly through your descendants.

If you have no descendants, you will receive your security through the corresponding performance, related to the conversion into the planned unified culture.

If there can only be one Lord and Creator, then there will also only ultimately be one evil spirit; this evil spirit also has a designation and can get to any human being. It can also get to your Authorities and it is willed by God, as the saying goes from the Bible.

It is a being that can exist of hatred, pain, injustice, destruction, filth and corruption and is also known as the Adversary or the Incarnate. It is the Devil who also exists and has become overpowering in our time, as strange as such a thing may sound to many people, however, in your culture evil spirits are known to be common.

The measures that have been taken against this adversary will hopefully be seen, heard and, above all, felt by all of you.

Only when you will feel the measures, only then will you be under the protection of the "umbrella" of your Empress.

Now you live in a country that has paid little attention to environmental pollution and air pollution and now many people are more likely to fall ill and have become more susceptible to allergies, for example.

       You are also people who abort over 2 million people a year!

Here again, human plays with uncertainty, although every normal person feels exactly that an abortion is against the will of God and is a violation that goes all the way to Creation.

There, where the human being actually comes from, is planned and destined, there one now sends the unborn life.

                                Are you crazy?

Everyone knows that they are only alive because it is God's will and destiny.

There will be no destiny that has planned an aborted human being, who the human being will perhaps also soon turn to account.

Besides, a woman who has an abortion never knows where the child will really go and what will happen here on earth to the life that has been killed; it is becoming increasingly dangerous to play **or let play ** with such strictly forbidden things!

Many of these women and their helpers will have to pay a bill also retroactively, the most expensive one ever!

Against this direct interference in Creation** and an** attack against Creation, your Empress has had to take an appropriate measure, which should be a lesson to every human being for all future, also to protect those who have always borne their own cross.

Please obtain the corresponding letter and have the contents of the letter translated exactly so that you will know what you will have to face in the future.

Now you are also people who suffer from overpopulation and the poverty line is reached quite quickly for the individual.

Your people are also quite open sexuelly when it comes to "having an affair", especially on the part of the men, so that the woman with the children is then left behind and life does not exactly become easier for many a woman with another child.

In addition, people of your origin and mentality are high-mettled and daring, whereas people of other cultures are more reserved and deliberate.

Of course, family planning is a factor that leads up to abortion, which is simply not a way out, but will be the way that sends the devil straight to "our house", but your Empress will not be allowed to comment on this in more detail in this letter.

You, too, must simply concern yourselves more with the cycle of life in order to be able to provide for a future worth living and for your own future.

Some of you women have now carried the unwanted children to term but then sent the child out on the street as an orphan.

Here, too, you can see that human was quite shift for oneself and is still on one`s own and can also very quickly go down, which, however, does not allow you to judge or condemn the Lord and Creator, as you do with some of your holy figures.

It is not for human to approach Creation, only God, our Lord, who forms a unity with his Father and the Holy Spirit.

You will now pass on these basic rules to your children and you will have to open the way for a future for your children so that your own future and the future of your parents as well as that of your ancestors will be secured.

Returning to family planning, a stop will have to be put in place for a while against further uncontrolled sexual intercourse.

The pill will thus also have to be withdrawn from circulation worldwide, as well as any chemicals that interfere with the functioning of the human organism.

The question of local requrements of the overpopulation and the controlled birth rate will have to be settled partly by the Emperor and partly by a slight to substantial physical change and linguistic change of all the people concerned worldwide.

You have now received a rather extensive letter which I hope will go out to many people, as it is set out as simply as possible and could reach many people of all social classes.

Please have the German-language letter translated truthfully and accurately in colloquial language and then please divide the entire contents of the letter into several parts in order to have this letter and other letters explained in an understandable way to the people who now also have to go to school in your country.

*Your Empress hopes to visit your country together with the Emperor in about a year's time and then the implementation of the forthcoming fairy tale can be started immediately, so you will have about one year only to make all the necessary arrangements for it.

P. p.

28 August 2012

*Either this letter is also ahead of its time or it is now time for departure and radical change, otherwise it may soon be too late for a livable future for humanity!

**11 December 2018 Document reviewed and republished.

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