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  • Das Weltkulturerbe & Der Kulturschock

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Das Weltkulturerbe

The World-Cultural-Heritage

Cycle of Life

                               Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck                                        

To the 

International Labour Organisation

4 Route de Morillions

CH-1211 Geneva 22


To the Veterinary Office Luebeck

Luebeck, Thursday, 09 Oct. 2003

Free English translation on 15 August 2021.


Species Protection/ CC to all Veterinarians/ To all Scientists and Philosophers Worldwide.

Please, let the German-language writing be translated truly into different languages and be handed over to the right people.

Dear Veterinarians, Dear Sirs,

Today is Thursday and so I would like to give you and, in a certain sense, your patients as well as some of those responsible for the protection of species a proper direction once again, which I would like you to take up* here in Luebeck without delay in order to put it into practice.

In the last few days, three independent accidents involving an animal have been reported in the news.

First, it was an untrained white big cat that critically injured a world-famous entertainer at a performance in the USA.

Furthermore, a three-year-old show horse was stabbed with a knife in Schleswig Holstein, causing its agonising death.

A bullfight was also shown on TV, during which the bull got out of control and got into the crowd of spectators.

There the animal injured two people, one of whom it took on its horns.

From these examples one can see the purposes for which animals are kept and abused.

The abuse consists in the fact that the animal has been deprived of its actual instinct and, through the minimised mind of the animal, this has been transformed into human behaviour.

Added to this is the fact that the natural environment and, if necessary, the keeping of these animals is an unnatural way.

In addition, these animals have a higher market value than other animals and are therefore at the mercy of the chemical club of man, mainly but not exclusively through your profession as a veterinarian with a doctorate.

As interesting as it may be for a human being to observe and experience an exotic and foreign, rare animal up close, it is inappropriate and unnatural for this animal to vegetate for most of its life; it can no longer return to the cycle of nature, as it will no longer be able to live on its own due to an alien upbringing, because it has adopted the species of human.

And now the "Casus knacksus" is puts forward, which you and your kind will please think through.

It is not only the big cat, the show horse and the bull that are kept against the natural kind, but certainly already several millions of so-called domestic animals, intended for household use in our time, and thereby abused as a kind of kindred species of man.

This means primarily the dog and the cat, human's best and most loyal friends, with whom one now already shares table and bed.

A dog also has a hunting instinct by nature, even if, which is also very strange, it has gone through many mixtures.

An animal like the dog and the cat, which one provides and educates with entertainment, with petting and with feeding as well as with a safe and warm place in the house, loses its natural protection and thus takes on the protection and nature of a human being, as can already be seen quite clearly in this generation of ours.

These animals get corresponding pet diseases and are treated with the chemical club as well as with all kinds of medical technical instruments starting with ultrasound up to presumably organ transplantation or hip surgery by you.

This is not animal love and has nothing whatsoever to do with the protection of species. To put it simply, this is sick!

No animal, even if it has already been born in the home among humans, as dogs and cats are, may be altered and thus abused in this way.

For this mentioned kind of animal and for the preservation of the human species, it would be much better in many respects to put an end to such an existence.

This life, which in nature would have long since been brought to a norm in terms of quantity by predators and normal humans, exists to a very considerable extent. I would also like to include monkeys in this group of animals, because monkeys are also capable of learning and are ready to feel.

For this number of this unnatural attitude and existence, many humans could have been fed and thus still participate in life.

A lot of money is donated and spent for the protection of species, but apparently it is not enough for people who have a much higher right to life!

No one does a dog any good by talking, playing or romping with the animal, because it does not respond to a personality with character, it responds to a character trait from one or more people, often the master or mistress responds to himself or herself through the animal, which was thus brought up and shaped by the master or mistress.

Even a certain resemblance cannot be entirely denied after years between a dog and its master or mistress.

A being into which a human being has been manipulated, but which walks on four legs, stands at a lower height facing the human being and cannot speak; that is breeding and keeping alien to the species, whereas the so-called love of the animal will nevertheless rather be love of oneself.

This being can rest, it can bark and wag its tail, it can serve man.

Every person who can really interpret animal love correctly should be able to recognise behind the pet-keeping of a "non-human" species a very big mess that stinks to high heaven, whereby cats have developed a very special kind and talent.

Cats have a sure sense of enemy and friend even from a distance; these creatures can classify a human accordingly.

They can react for psychological reasons, as jealousy is one, which should be unusual for an animal.

Cats, unlike dogs, are attracted to electromagnetic waves and currents and they are comfortable with them; they can extend and retract claws as well as arch it`s back as a warning signal and take pounce by stealthy approach.

Rarely do they attack humans, presumably only if the cat's jealousy dominates and trumps its instinct.    

In contrast to a dog, this is a somewhat different species, which is also certainly due to an ancient connection* between humans and animals. 

The appearance of a cat alone, especially the unusual eyes of the animal, suggest a species that may seem strange to humans on the one hand and attractive on the other, and seems to be made for domestic use.

In contrast to a dog, the domestic cat has not lost its hunting behaviour in nature.

To return to the dog's life, I would like to give you an example of this alien attitude to make it clear.

Since I myself was caught off guard with a dog, a mongrel, tolerated the dog for the sake of my children and had to live with it beneath the same roof, what in retrospect now perhaps makes sense, as I can now give you the following facts.

The animal grew up as a newcomer in our family and in the household, which also came from a household.

It was and is a creature that received protection and love through the care of my children and did its service as a playmate.

It was mainly me who was able to preserve the animal's instincts by educating it exclusively through curt commands.

When I was exclusively responsible for the animal in the short term, I also treated it in the same way as indicated and had to notice that the dog got into difficulties through this communication and its behaviour changed.

The dog hung its tongue out sidewards and also the eyes were close to twisting, so that I became additionally afraid of such a bred creature.

I will certainly not be the only person on God's earth to have made this discovery, which is more than just a harmless fact.

In other words, you and your ilk administer human-like drugs to such creatures and, if necessary, put these creatures to sleep by lethal injection.

Whether such an alien-like creature also aims at a destination point after life like a human being, you and others have not yet seriously thought about that, you!

On to a text and into the comparison with a human being!

If a human being is wrongly treated and dosed with psychotropic drugs, usually a too high dose, then the human being's tongue also hangs out so that he holds his or her head back in the process. This is also a fact, as I have seen it with my own eyes and learned about it from the stories of those affected.

Here, at this highly criminal point, the protection and dignity of an affected person should be controlled by reliable people; for this and for a lot more, I will personally stand up and advocate. 

Now, a person in psychosis, even when under the influence of psychotropic drugs, moves at a higher level than other people do, especially when the person feels the thrust of this treatment method.

The whole issue comes into a very significant play with the metabolism and the cycle of life, whereby psychosis due to the metabolic disorder of the brain is the consequence, but not the cause of this disease and the question arises where and with whom, with which opposite pole the metabolism takes place in the brain of a person.

In my opinion, general metabolic disorders can be linked to ....................

Severe headaches caused by a metabolic disorder are, according to my knowledge, the result of the animal having entered the monumental metabolic range of the human being.

Through the food chain enriched with animal hormones, one can already draw conclusions that the human being has long since joined the animal in the Momentum-Area.

I also know that cats are given the birth control pill and antidepressants.

The animal good worldwide sex sends its regards, of course, too.

What this means I probably don't need to write to you any more clearly, unless you didn't believe in an afterlife.

In this respect, you also have to ask yourself where the many strokes could have their causes if the cycle of life does not run properly in the Momentum-Area.

It is well known that people are particularly at risk of suffering a stroke due to stress and high blood pressure.

A stroke can be compared to an electric shock in its effects, an electric shock with which, among other things, cattle are killed in mass rearing nowadays and this killing is also still considered extremely humane.

The cycle of life is directly related to the psyche of the human being and is physically strongly coupled with the psyche, so that nerves, heart and circulation automatically offer points of attack if life cannot be kept in balance.

And the text continues.

A species-appropriate husbandry of livestock and the resulting ecocycle without any use of chemicals as well as a species-appropriate killing of an unnatural and natural species, such as the violent lethal blow to the skull or by a lethal shot from a rifle, are the only correct solutions to ensure the protection of the species by human, who has priority over the animal in every respect, which does not mean that any kind of experiments on the animal may be allowed, even if these experiments may be beneficial to mankind.

Cruelty to animals is a very base practice of a species inferior to human.

Coming back to the whole metabolic cycle, one should consider that everything that reaches into Creation must be handled with care, since human is rather ignorant in this context. 

It is probably only a matter of time before certain viruses are formed by the guinea pigs through animal experiments or animal compounds, for which there will then no longer be a solution! 

Do not twist the facts when you read such a letter, even if you have to bear a heavy cross; your Authorities are not meant to serve you, you lowly kind who have acquired a very cheap philosophy of life and cheap companions in life.

It is high time that you finally begin to understand that you have to serve!

Please immediately employ interested people for the protection of species in agriculture, so that the flabby, watery and tasteless meat can slowly but surely be taken off the menu, also so that all varieties of potato can regain their exclusive inherent taste and pure nutritional values.

Surely there are many people who could and would like to run a manageable farm.

Also, there are certainly still people who want to bend down and are willing to get their hands dirty at work, but probably only if someone else is not sitting behind a desk at the same time receiving a higher hourly wage by making two phone calls, smoking a cigarette, drinking a coffee and having a file stamped, when at the same time someone else has to clean out an entire pigsty!

Please immediately divide the mass animal husbandry into several yards and farms; let the animals run freely fenced and forage.

If possible, let the animals out into the fresh air on their own in every season, even if they are chickens, ducks, geese or even lower animal species.

You will please inform Mr. Fielmann, www. Fielmann. de and Mrs. Renate Kuenast, who is also called into responsibility, accordingly, in order to clarify the management of these projects and to tackle unemployment as a model project in the Luebeck area and its surroundings in this respect. 

At the same time, a very essential step for a sensible health reform is tackled.

The costs for a sensible start are borne by the public state lotteries. This means: Every jackpot goes to the state coffers, since 1 million euros cannot be spent by a human being* anyway, except by myself.

If you look at the behaviour of an animal, you have to concede that it usually has a more developed warning system and is more likely to give off signals than a human being can.

For example, if a ship is about to sink, the rats leave the sinking ship first. When a predator is looking for prey, startled birds and other animals stir in the vicinity.

If an earthquake is imminent, which has its effects on the seabed, then the laws of nature are no longer correct and are confirmed by the accumulation of fish in unusual places as well as by the disturbed behaviour of mammals. These animals can alert humans to disasters in time and more.*  

It is also reported that a few people who are in an earthquake-prone region get very severe headaches and there could be connections with the monumental, animal-mixed metabolism here too.

Also, the high number of migraine and headache affected in our time speak for themselves, which now increasingly includes men.

My person regularly gets severe headaches from eating beef goulash,*(no longer current), so it could be concluded from the hormonal crap and chemical rubbish in the meat that mad cow disease and Alzheimer's disease, caused by the hormonal circumstances of an old person and by additional medicinal chemical treatment, which certainly has its cause basically from the manipulated, impure food chain, will be related.

Just as the animal with its secretions mixes with the human being and presumably that is why the immune deficiency Aids destroys the human being, so will the animal "crap" conditioned by an impure food chain perhaps in connection with medicines, which change this said crap and let it pass through every membrane and through every protective filter up to the brain, and thus Alzheimer's disease will have its origin, but will also produce the next kind of immune deficiency, which will make it impossible for the human being without intellect to "take aim" at a certain place and place after life! ***

Thus human mixes the animal and the animal mixes human with his or her chemical processes in the body.

Now, if you would deal with reality and start a survey in Luebeck, you would have to be able to understand that the structure for the Monumental-Area must first be established in order to grasp human body of thought and to be able to distinguish it from a dog*, since a dog also seems to have entered this area, you diseased creatures, you! 

Furthermore, however, I am convinced that the entire potential of intelligence, thought and wisdom of the whole of humanity will suffice or would suffice if it were then also used properly to counteract.

Since I do not consider myself to be far above average in intelligence and certainly am not, I suspect that due to an overall underachievement of individuals and thus in relation to humanity, this said nonsense, which does not draw a line between an animal and a human being, was and is mainly controlled by the media.

However, one thing certainly distinguishes me and other people who are equipped with an extremely thin nervous system; a very distinct warning system.

For this reason, I would like to call on you to curb and ban advertising featuring animals as well as feature films that put an animal in the wrong place.

Should you contravene, I will have these machinations responded to accordingly.

Furthermore, I warn you, especially the scientists and chemists are addressed here, not to cross any further limitations between an animal and a human being.

The point will come when no power in the world will be able to sort out and separate this mishmash. 

Please also inform the population that a human being is clearly distinguished from an animal by the sense of shame, in that a human being remains clothed and an animal by nature does not need clothing, you animalised society of free body culture, you!

Do not forget that others have to pay for this culture.

Now, there are cultures that have a different plant world and animal world and they have a different eating behaviour.

For example, dog meat is eaten in one culture, snake meat in another, and no beef in the next.

There are distinctly beautiful animals and distinctly ugly creatures, so that the question arises as to how the whole of Creation was put together.

This and much more is of great interest to me and has to be of interest to me, since I have demonstrably been able to establish good contacts directly with Creation on the basis of my life.  

      P. p. Empress  


2011* This letter is written for doctoral students who do not wish to publicly distinguish themselves through the misfortune of other doctors.

 2021 Expression of the document clearly corrected.

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