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Old Rules of the Man

Ursula Sabisch, Kaiserin, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck

To the Federal President Johannes Rau
Castle Bellevue
Spreestraße 1

                                                 Berlin  CO/                                                                                                                  



To the Turkish Embassies

Worldwide CC/

Luebeck, Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Free translation in February/ October  2019: The Germany language document you may find here!


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Politicians,

Dear Ambassadors!

Unfortunately, I did not receive the possibility for financial reasons up to now to send letters and consequently must confine myself to the electronic mail.

Today I would like to write something about a kind, that is on the way to die out; it is the kind of a normal and healthy man. A real man has got basic principles and points of view, those originate from a basic of life, which as a rule was given by the ancestors.

A man considers in his activities and action before, whether he is in danger to be living beyond one's means and he basically does`t let come it to that getting into a dependence by incurring debts.

He fundamentally lets it not come to that depending on any debt, since a man will know, that elsewhere at an other place somebody  must stand aside for the lent money and for his benefits or instead stood aside for that money, which the man has not yet earned.

Every healt man always takes responsibility for his acting but not only by his mind or by others, he always answers indirectly for his acting to his Creation, that is intended equally for all people.

A man thinks carefully about it, how much he may take or remove as a person from life, when he always classifies himself; too he will know, what he has achieved and whether he has been intrigued correctly in the environment and economical connections of the world in a combined manner with the society.

He will think about it, whether he should go to the place of work by car or else whether he can be capable in spite of the showing status, that many people were subject, to use the own physical strength by reaching the place of work by bike.

Nowadays quite often  it will be the wife, who was subject to the showing status. For this reason a man gets in hot water very often.

A man will not sit down so easily in an airplane to burden the environment only for his pleasure; also a man would have no fun at a 5-star hotel and would find no real recreational value in such holiday kinds or resorts.

He would find there the piled up set buffet, the noble and exclusive service, the whole luxury and above all, all the conmen and would feel him presumably rather stupidly and foolishly, then he would also have to classify himself equally.

If there was not in the world  thus an immense imbalance between poor and rich like between hunger and the abundance in food, the point of view would be quite more different absolutely.

A man would not use more as he requires and in this manner he would guarantee in this way for his children, so that these would be able to guarantee for their children again.

Now a normal man has a look at your life style as a politician and looks simultaneously at your produced achievement. Now such a man has a look how you and your equals spend your life and regards that you take from life what you can only get from.

You partially change the women like some men the suits change and in this way you make laws, which let miss every natural basis. You sometimes receive a bonus, parliamentary allowance, reimbursements, additional accounts, fare payments and salaries, without any justifications** and all that only because you embody a position of power.
This position of power is not intended for holding out as the scapegoats and makes long ago also no honorable highborn ones from you.

Almost everybody, who has come by a  position of power or leadership position to wealth and respect, is to be classified himself quite wrong very easily and this especially is even so, because life of many people is dependent on this positions of power.

Some of you see justified their income in it, that they sit finally on a hot seat and are out of the picture for provable mistakes very fast. Also you must argue with the political opposition and justify yourselves to the public.

There are still an other people and other possibilities at what will be exclusively delegated from a thick leather armchair and there are still quite different sums of money, which flow into the bank accounts; however, the politics is definitely not innocent in such a state and in an other states and possibilities.

No doubt, what do you mean a normal man would think about you?

Are you a special kind of people or are you maybe, nevertheless, high-born ones, which must need a red carpet and must be driven in a limousine, too,  need a food taster and with a private jet should finish official journeys and consider themselves for irreplaceable??

Or are you maybe, nevertheless, only people with a tendency of showmanship, whose require a decent fee? Many ones of you really want to move something valuable in this way but without any basic principles and any future-oriented sense it cannot work, whereby  only the consumption comes to a very important play, to valuate it above all things at all. 

The whole world economy system is highly oriented on the basis of consumption and in the industrial states should be pressed preferably only onto buttons or should be served levers. Circumscribed will be this way of life with growth rate and prosperity.

Because you have betted on the consumption, I will give you a short section from life by the consumption anyway, which takes effect with priority in the capitalistic countries of our earth, without to mention generally the resources like ores, oil, ground water inventories, coal, asphalt, forests and a lot more..

Question: What do you make actual from a housewife and mother?

Once every person becomes old and in many respects more susceptible than young persons. If the farmer is brought to his knees he often will take means and possibilities, which could maybe save his company or farm, however, would harm very much the health of the humanity,* which must eat this food from a manipulated food chain in quite a very despicable kind and manner, because the humanity is depending on the food.

The same applies to the entire food market and food production. The prices must stay competitively on the entire international market, even if it will give worldwide very different social-contributions and wages of the respective States.

Anyhow every manufacturer or farmer will have to cover his costs, mostly there, where it does not strike anybody personally directly at first.
That means, it will be  worked with artificial flavourings, growth hormones, colourings, pesticides and with other chemicals and materials, which will strike at first the environment and then harm the end users or vice versa.

Also by a cheap and unprincipled way of life of some people or by a single person*, a gigantic cost wave can come up to the social nets, as it is already confirmed by the health insurances.

That will do not only concern single people, it will be the majority of the farmers and producers, which are subjected to the policy on prices on the world market.

Almost the whole world market, which is bound to the stock exchange, which is mastering the market by speculations, is about to become unstable and to go down in history namely by the high number of unemployment, what the orders situation and the unstable prices suffer from, which must be coupled then with high discounts, goods premiums and special lotteries. No other jobs, which must be paid, can be also created by the weak economic situation. The ones, whose have liquid capital in this situation, will always profit by this economic policy by special bonuses to be able to accumulate their gains.

It always harms those people, whose already are to blame quite high and already are broken up, however, you and your equals will never get into a situation, in which you do not know anymore, how you will eat one`s fill the next day and this makes you and your equals unfamiliar to people as well as action-incapable in your thinking and activities.

As already mentioned, every person becomes once old and in many respects more susceptible than young people. By the cheap way of life to be cutting into the food chain, nearly every person won`t be spared on a continuing basis to see the doctor one day.

At the doctor`s the person is checked thoroughly and is going to get medicine, which should normally be as a rule a fixture in future life. What will happen will happen; it starts with only one medicine and ends with half a medicine chest.

The end of the story  is a fast physical and intellectual decline of the old person, that progresses to the medicine parallel and then that the children normally must rescue. If the children cannot bear the heavy package or the small one, in particular the sons, then the old person comes to an old people's home; after that the next step is the nursing home or the hospital is one`s turn.

The children come to hard moral conflicts by the progress of the newest scientific knowledge, strictly speaking by the medical art and will know, that the life demands a hard death maintaining by chemistry. Now such an old person is lying helplessly there like a piece of misery or a piece of dirt and it will become hard to serve and care the one.

Would you like to know whether a real man did tolerate these states in particular for his mother? A little man from today goes for a walk with his dog and wears a coloured-printed T-shirt on his beer belly; too to say nothing of the short trousers! A real man would hardly talk to a cocker spaniel or poodle but he would pay attention very much to the fact, that his mother keeps to her mind, while he would talk to her. 

Thus he would probably more likely allot his precious time to look after his mother daily. Also he would think of his descendants and make sure to the fact, that the earth does not become  exploited; he would be loaded the earth only according to the fact, what he is requiring and would exactly demand the required amounts of the earth.

A man always unconsciously would give an account of his responsibility opposite the Creation compared with that, what he does use for himself and his family. From this unconscious account, which a real man bears in his mind, you and your equals never have heard before apparently nothing at all and now this is why it becomes the topmost time for it! A normal man reads the newspaper, listen to the radio or has a look at the everyday news with the weather report via TV.

He has a look at the reportages, at debates and discussion groups with you as a politician and however, gets an overview of the land events as well as the world events and also gains an impression of you as a person and politician.

Nowadays, unfortunately, one can anymore recognize a worked out and presentable concept by your activity, because a clear concept should be able to be worked out and  should be realized well, however if every normality dwindles, then every healthy circulation also automatically dwindles, too.

It is a question of the economic circulation, which must unite with the monetary circulation. It concerns the circulation of the environmental pollution, which goes along with the circulation of the natural disasters or about the circulation of the human values up to the nerve-cardiovascular-system of the person and completely at last about the circulation of  life, which do you don`t know nearly yet and you don`t have dealt  with it nearly properly.

Now, however, as a rule you wanted to built up a reputation as a politician or a statesman like probably everybody who strives in the public. You  wanted to go down in history by your position of power, but only like what  at all; maybe as a Kasperle that each Academic Award puts in the shadows?

A real man would know, that his Creator will have a special attention to such a politician; however you do not know it apparently! With finesse and cunning and in a despicable kind and manner compared with the underdeveloped countries you make international politics. Me personally would interest, how can do exist a wife beside somebody of such a politician like a rather half cunning woman, that is fixed on giving answers.?!

From you one can deduce a lot and  thereby on can project yours character to the nation and people in a leading position. Now many people want to built up a reputation and go in the public, primarily in  the Media. The motives often are quite clear to indicate; these motives should be criticised very strongly, but only by whom or by what institution shell be done?

Please, let the Guinness book of the records withdraw immediately from the circulation, so that young people will not run in masses in the wrong direction.

Everybody who  by his public relations activities wants or wanted to the psyche of another  person, has to do that please now at one`s own expenses and should not hide poorly behind the Empress or even behind the Emperor or the King; this is valid particularly for the actors, sportsmen, hit stars, models, politicians and for the entire star airs and graces society including the reporters and presenters!

In future you as a politician will not hand over the Oscar probably anymore even so frivolously; that Oskar goes to the Empress, who has not positioned herself in front of a film camera and also did not want to go by nature in the public.
My person insists on this vast difference the greatest value in comparison to those people, whose have striven in this direction. Now the nature determines my way in the public.

You and people like you as well as the entire humanity should be very grateful, that there is someone with a name, who held on the  "clean", worldwide cats-house and more. Not exclusively the Empress has got a name and was called in such a high position.

Thus I urgently advise you to submit properly in good time,  if King Juergen or Emperor Diethard are going to meet you and your equals.  Should you act or behave concerning this wrongly, your life  is worth not a red cent  anymore ! Trust me on this one ! Thus there are rules, my dear domination, which have validity in every time and you will still get to know these rules hopefully.

Herewith is mentioned the First Rule:

Adultery is punishable from now again and is reported by the public to the prosecutor's office. Year-long imprisonment in an institution is the minimum. For recidivists  the duration of the previous imprisonment is doubled in each case. Everybody is to be juridically obliged to report an adultery. Each illegal action in this matter is also punishable.
The Cudgel of the Empress, from which you are hopefully informed as soon as possible will also exercise retrospectively the penal execution for a committed adultery.

The Second Rule is as follows:

Every place of work, with priority the place of the son, is made dependent exclusively on the place of residence of the parents or the remained parent. The oldest son is obliged legally to take care of the bodily and mental welfare of his parents or his parent.
Illegal action by the legislator, employer and employee is brought to report to the public prosecutor's office and as my person may be hoped, are punished by the execution of the Cudgel. The wife of the son is included directly.

The first-born son comes to this legal obligation. The next-born  son follows in succession and so on and so forth. Only then follows the first-born daughter and thus the result passes over to the grandchildren.
An own household of the parents or the parent in residential nearness of the son is compelling, however, it is not a condition.

The Third rule reads:

Let the whole food chain of any manipulation and any artificial additions clean by the worker with physical strength effort of humanity, while you will defeat at the same time the unemployment, which is combined  with a reasonable place of work and comes along with a sensible health reform.

The Fourth rule says:

Take over all drugs like cigarettes and tobacco by handing-overs, like drug delivery and the consumption of alcohol by handing-overs via the controlled medical profession like a chemist's shops, pharmacies, "psychiatrists-chemists" and separating by some retailer as well as by some controlled isolating retail dealers. Let the coffee please limit also by highly raised prices, but please, let buy the coffee correctly by a fair price from abroad in future.

The Fifth Rule is called:

You will no more lay down rules, separate you will act as recipients of orders. If you should act crossly, you will become paid as jobless actors and as those ones you may act then. My person has  quite clear expectation of people, who belong in a leadership position and has got already this arrangement stated in writing.

The Royal Danish Ambassadors and Ambassadresses * of the entire Kingdom of Denmark will take over together with King Juergen the world power. The head office Berlin will be included in the worldwide Ambassadors **power of King Juergen.
The Empress`s Cudgel will underline absolutely this power, which should be used worldwide. Prince Martin and my Chancellor, MR. G.-M. F., take over the management of the whole controls of Luebeck and will lead and initiate the beginning in the matter exactly in this town.

A Gentleman with dignity of the doctor state, Dr. med. Michael K.,** is transferred the entire management of the medicament prescription.

Behind the Cudgel of Empress stands a very violent blow, what should hit in all fairness at first on your desk. Should you nothing come into mind, then the Cudgel will spank your` s bottom. Besides, certainly something reasonable come into your mind; maybe to give way the place immediately!

The Sixth Rule states:

To every abortion it will be answered by force coupled with a booting out of the whole house.
An abortion is strictly forbidden in the extrem. Every abortion clinic will have to be restructured into a sanatorium. An abortion has to be reported by the public prosecutor's office and in the case of an absolution are avenged by the Cudgel with a very long term of imprisonment or alternatively a valuable consideration.**
An abortion can be also punished retrospectively by the Cudgel or by the booting out of the entire house.

The Seventh Rule states:

Peruse all writings of my person, which have validity for your professional group. Nobody should understand the order by the Cudgel as a debasement of his person but should be able to realize rather as   a mercy.

The seriousness of the situation demands worldwide exclusively grown men with basic principles.

A bit different criteria are valid for person from a foreign culture, however, in principle  will not be allowed any great differences.  Nobody from your rows may be attacked or denunciated by anybody else in the case of giving away the political place to somebody else ; Not only** the Cudgel of Empress has to been taken over responsibility for that matter.

Finally now you  and others do know, how a real man has a mind!

And I think, I should take your private jet for my official journeys and may look on a villa in Hamburg as my property.
I would also like to be allowed to accept a splendid castle together with the Emperor as our´s own. I wish a small pocket money from my property to be able to use, too. For my " true husband"** I have thought, that he would accept a splendid villa as his own and will inhabit also to a splendid castle with vehicle fleet and castle employees together with my person and will be accepted as his own, thus the Emperor will administer also the whole earthly property and more together with King Juergen.

For whom, if not even for the called High-Born-Ones generally exist the castles and for whom have been intended all the castles throughout the world, if not for the Trinity of Authorities,  possibly for you?

i. A. Empress

Since time is running short and we are going to walk straight up to the end, I do advise you urgently to the  courage by saying the truth, to what you and all others don`t getting round in any other way! There's no getting round it.

June, 2016/ Oct. 2019
** Expression corrected

Oct. 2019** Document checked

Homework: By letter post in German language

May 2011/ Oct. 2019  It is about time to let alternate** between driving a car and to go to work on a  bike. If not voluntarily,

then by force!

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